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Sample Specialties

From an Entirely New Tradition

Now Open 7 DAYs

We Cook, People Rhapsodize

It takes ages for any culinary tradition to achieve a compelling level of perfection. Savor every flavor in the whole epicurean spectrum as a Northern Thailand chef with his family’s own recipe executes kitchen mastery in every dish we serve.

For diners in and around Seattle, Washington, this is what the new foodie buzzword’s all about. Dine with us at E-san ZapCafe and try every item on the menu.

BBQ Prawn

Boat Noodle

Crispy Cat Fish Salad

Esan Cassic Combo

Kao Ka Moo

Kao Moo Dang

Kao Mun Kai

Kao Na Ped

larb Phed Yang

Lemonfgrass Shimp

Naked Shrimp

Nam Tok Beef

Shrimp Grill

Tom Yum Big Shrimp

Yen Ta Foo

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