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New Thai Food You’ve Been Yearning to Try

Thai cuisine is a culinary chameleon so highly evolved and so suffused with oriental vibe to offer 1,001 intriguing, flavorful variations. Savor the countless nuances now as you sample specialties from an entirely new tradition.

We cook up dishes you’ve probably heard of but haven’t tried yet. Now’s the time for some adventurous dining!

Journey Into Uncharted Culinary Territory

Out here in Washington where folks from in and around Seattle mix and mingle, you will find this restaurant. We have a Northern Thailand Chef with his family’s own recipe who will gleefully take your taste buds on a roll. Experience a gustatory high as we take you on a journey exploring the kitchen wonders of Thailand’s northeastern cuisine: tastier, balanced, amazing, and overwhelming!


Experience Authentic Fusions

Encounter Thailand Northeastern region  and the popular street vendor dishes  that will  influences fusing with everything heavenly and delicious.

Worlds away from Thai food as you know it, find new ones to enjoy right here at E-san Zap Cafe!

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